West Gallery Place

Features and Amenities

A profusion of lifestyle experiences unfold within and around, revealing new dimensions of cosmopolitan city living.

Highlighting a living experience of urban ease, High Street South complements the tower’s selection of unique amenities, including its own set of retail establishments at the ground floor.

Lobbies and Drop Off

Grand lobby and main drop-off located at the ground level
Pedestrian access for each wing located at the ground level
Concierge desk and mailroom located at the ground level

Amenity Deck

Function room/social hall with an adjacent pantry
Lap/lounge pool with adjacent deck
Gym with shower and locker rooms
Indoor children’s play area

Back of House Facilities

Property Management Office
Security Room
Maintenance and Janitorial Room
Fire Command Center Room
Driver’s Lounge
Loading Dock
Garbage Room
Materials Recovery Facility
Garbage Chute

Globe: 0917-898-7168
Sun: 0932-871-6887
Viber & Whatsapp: 0947-899-9839